Message From the President

The Board has constantly strived to serve consumers and those licensed by the Board in a fair and equitable manner. A competent and professional Board staff determined to meet and surpass all tasks has made my position less difficult and a pleasure to serve.  The ever changing dynamics within the funeral industry have created many challenges for those with the responsibility of oversight and have hopefully provided safeguards for consumers and licensees. In today's news headlines people listen and react to various sensitivities when death is mentioned. As a result, the Board becomes a focal point for assistance, questions and is expected to provide answers to consumers requiring assistance. The Board has accepted and responded to every issue and if not within the purview of the Board, has directed those in need to the proper entity. The Arizona State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers will make every effort to ensure that all the families that have lost a loved one and the deceased will be treated with dignity and respect.




John Munden

Board President