About the Board

The Arizona State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers consists of seven Board members, appointed by the governor, to serve four year terms.  Three members are licensed Funeral Directors/Embalmers and four are public members.  The Board also maintains three full-time staff positions and one quarter-time. The Executive Director is responsible for the overall administration and processes of the agency.  The Investigator is responsible for processing complaints/investigations and continuity of operations during the Directors absence.  Additionally, the Investigator inspects all licensed funeral establishments and crematories in the state.  A Licensing Administrator whose main responsibility is to oversee the licensing process of all applications that are new or renewal.  There is also an Administrative Assistant who oversees all materials submitted to the Continuing Education Advisory Committee while providing continuous support and assistance for all functions of the agency.

The Board's appropriation for FY 2022 is $402,800.